3 Overwatch Skins That Need to Be in the Game Right Now

Overwatch has always had a great variety of skins, giving players many ways to customize their favorite hero and show a little bit of your own personality within the game. Still, despite the seemingly infinite options, there aren't enough skins for some of the more fashionable players to choose from. Here are three skin concepts that could really help spice up any match.

1. Breath of the Wild Monk for Zenyatta

A great potential exclusive to tie into the Switch release of the game, turning Zenyatta into a monk from Breath of the Wild would be a great way for Nintendo Console players to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, as we've seen in the switch releases in games like Dark Souls and Diablo III. Zenyatta and the monks have a pretty similar physique, so this skin along with giving a shiekah flair to some of Zenyatta's moves would be a nice touch.

2. Darksiders Inspired Reaper

This might be a bit too on the nose, considering they represent basically the same character, but a Reaper skin that resembles death, the hero of Darksiders 2, would be a great nod to the classic hack and slash game and a nice addition for fans of both Overwatch and Darksiders.

3. The Rock as Hanzo

Ok, so this one is pretty out there, but here me out. Hanzo's tattoos are pretty muc in the same location and style as Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson's, and the Rock is never shy to put his likeness on any sort of branded property. Simply make Hanzo bald, change around the tattoos a little, and your opponents will soon smell what you're cookin'.

Image Courtesy Blizzard