3 PUBG Labs Modes We Want to See

PUBG Corp introduced PUBG Labs during the last patch.
PUBG Corp introduced PUBG Labs during the last patch. / PUBG Corp

PUBG Corp introduced PUBG Labs during the last patch, allowing fans and the company to dialogue back-and-forth about new changes. Recently, PUBG Corp released the Bluehole Mode giving fans a unique take on the blue zone and allowing them to test out the new mechanics.

PUBG Corp explained the change, "Land, loot, and camp in the circle for the rest of the match no more. Circle squatters that felt safe not to engage the enemy will now be forced to keep it moving as a second Blue Zone is being added to the existing circle."

But what else should we see. The game already has a test server to try out minor changes, so PUBG Labs is meant for massive experiments, changes that could drastically change the gameplay of PUBG. Here are three game modes we want to see in PUBG Labs.

3. Headshot Kills Only

One of the most iconic game modes for Halo, Swat. This would be a fun game mode for players, though, it should only be on Sanhok. The smaller map with more gunfights is a great way to test out a headshot only game mode.

2. Lower Bullet Spread and Kick

PUBG is known for having difficult gunplay, it's what makes it different from other battle royales. However, it would be fun to enjoy the PUBG world and mechanics with easier gun play. Shooting opponents like in a Halo or Call of Duty game would be interesting to see for many players. This should become the norm, but a one-time game mode would be fun to see.

1. Increased Movement Speed

Drive by shooting without a vehicle would be hilarious to see. PUBG Labs can give PUBG a creativity boost and running around the map at a higher speed, would allow players longer time to loot, traverse the map easier, and cause hilarious hip-spray battles. Again, this would never make the main game, but a fun game mode from time-to-time.