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3 PUBG Xbox Crossover Events That Need to Happen

Here are three crossovers that would make PUBG Xbox all the more exciting.

PUBG has seen plenty of crossover events, from Suicide Squad to Horizon Zero Dawn, but few have had repercussions that affected gameplay beyond cosmetics. Here are three franchises that would lend themselves to creative crossover events.

1. The Walking Dead

Because of the original PUBG's genesis in Arma — the series that birthed Day Z — zombies are closely tied to PUBG. A crossover event with The Walking Dead would a perfect way to integrate those zombies into PUBG without disrupting the game's hardcore aesthetic.

2. Jurassic Park

If PUBG Corp is interested pushing its aesthetic a little further than usual, a Jurassic Park crossover could add dinosaurs to the game's maps in a way that would make gameplay more exciting and more dynamic. Also to be mined from such a collaboration: vehicles, weapons and skins.

3. The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious' aesthetic isn't far from PUBG's, where vehicular insanity is a regular gameplay fixture. A Fast crossover would offer PUBG Corp a chance to push its vehicle gameplay in new directions.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp