Being a PUBG Xbox fan often means feeling like the less favored child. PUBG Corp pushes new content to PC long before that content reaches Xbox, and, because the console is generally weaker than PCs, the game tends to run worse. Still, there are reasons for hope and optimism. Here are three reasons to believe PUBG Xbox is on the rise.

1. Erangel Remaster

The Erangel remaster shows that PUBG Corp is still responding to player feedback. Not only will the map play better, it will also look significantly better. Provided the visual changes don't negatively affect performance, this will make for a much more enjoyable PUBG Xbox play experience.

2. Auto Equip Attachments

PUBG Corp plans to add a feature that makes attachments equip to weapons automatically in the next update. This will be a major improvement to looting specifically tailored to Xbox One, showing that the developer still has its specific gameplay experience in mind.

3. Plans to Align Xbox and PC Updates

PUBG Corp has publicly stated it plans to bring PUBG Xbox and PC into alignment with regards to updates. While the process will likely take some more time, once the two platforms are in lockstep, Xbox players will be free of the fear of being second best.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp