3 Skins We Want in Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019

Three skins we want in Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019.
Three skins we want in Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019. / Blizzard

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019 event has been confirmed to ship as a part of Patch 1.43 next week, leaving players eager to see what cosmetics will be added just like kids waiting to see what's under the tree. As we enter the holiday season, we also thought it would be fun to list our own wish list of skins that we want this year for our favorite heroes in Overwatch.

1. Orisa as a Reindeer

Even with Roadhog already having a Rudolph skin, Orisa is perfect for her own Reindeer themed skin. Swap the green horns for antlers and pop a glowing red light on her face, and she can lead the team into the next team fight as a much more fitting Rudolph than Roadhog. After all, it will help keep the DPS and Support players from getting lost from the rest of the team if they can just spot the red nose among the gunfire.

2. A Wrecking Ball Snow Globe

This awesome concept art of Wrecking Ball as a snow globe by reddit user u/Devygone is deserving of being added as a part of the Winter Wonderland event. With a unique translucent mech that emulates a snow globe, the skin takes full advantage of Wreckin Ball's design and makes it

It even has Hammond adorned in a cute little Santa hat, which is extremely deserving.

3. Sigma... Anything

I'll be honest here, there isn't that many clever skins that Sigma can have for the Winter Wonderland event.

Still, Sigma does deserve more cosmetics. As the newest hero added to Overwatch the deranged scientist is severely lacking in cosmetics, and after missing out on a costume for the Halloween event this year, he is deserving of a gift for the holiday season in the form of a new skin.

Maybe just put some stockings on Sigma's feet so that they don't get cold. Just please give us something for him Blizzard.

Photos Courtesy of Blizzard