3 TFT Augments to Nerf in Patch 12.14

Courtesy of Riot Games

There are several augments in TFT that might be taking some nerfs in Patch 12.14. Here are three augments that we think might need to be toned down in the near future.

3 TFT Augments to Nerf in Patch 12.14

Press the Attack

The strength of this augment is already quite good by itself. It becomes incredibly good when two of the best carries in the game are Swiftshots, making Press the Attack even more potent. You could nerf this augment by reducing the amount of true damage, or just by taking Varus and Xayah down a peg.

Tri Force II

Another augment that is certainly buffed by how good many of the three-cost units are. As much as I would hate to ruin the beauty of the numbers, the three-cost units are extremely strong overall and make hitting Tri-Force very powerful. Players can run an Illaoi and Sylas frontline protecting a Varus carry dealing large amounts of damage. I'm focusing on Tri-Force II since it's pretty powerful for a gold augment, and the prismatic variation should feel overpowered.

Beast's Den

Shapeshifters, while reasonably weak on their own, gain incredible strength in numbers. Beast's Den allows Shapeshifters to stack their power even further by stacking every unit in the trait, giving all Shapeshifters Movement and Attack Speed. The current 35% feels a bit too high at the moment and gives the Shapeshifters the offensive power to match their already insane sustainability.