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3 TFT Champions That Deserve Buffs in Patch 12.14

Courtesy of Riot Games

There are several TFT champions that we feel could use some buffs going into Patch 12.14. Here are just three champions that we hope get some extra love. This list will ignore the Legendary Dragons, as those units have been confirmed to be buffed by Lead TFT Designer Mortdog.

3 TFT Champions That Deserve Buffs in Patch 12.14


It feels like all of the other Legendary units in Set 7 have such better utility than Pyke. Bard stuns the enemy team, Soraka heals the team, and Yasuo and Zoe are just better units. Pyke is played more for his traits than his abilities, which makes him and his kit feel incredibly underwhelming. Factor that in with the Assassin nerfs and Pyke has been feeling a bit ignored as of late.


Despite being Yasuo's older brother canonically, Yone is dwarfed by him in Set 7. That's to be expected, as Yone is a two-cost unit while Yasuo is a five-cost. However, Yone feels so underpowered that his only utility is acting as an item-holder before you're able to eventually find a Yasuo. It feels like there should be more of a choice between switching items over to Yasuo or riding it out with Yone for the long haul.


Volibear has had it rough throughout Set 7. Just as he's about to become good in Patch 12.12, he turns out to be way too good and is immediately hot fixed. Volibear is still having some success in Legend comps, but he's not as strong when you want to forego the other legends. Buffing Volibear would be a challenge to keep all of the comps he's part of in check, but it would be nice having the Relentless Storm back on top.