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3 TFT Units that Might Be Removed in the Mid-Set Patch

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT is saying goodbye to Set 7: Dragonlands and will be removing several units during the Mid-Set Patch. This is done to make way for the new units, traits, and augments that will be implemented at the same time. Here are three units that might be getting removed during the Mid-Set Patch.

3 TFT Units that Might Be Removed in the Mid-Set Patch


Bard is an incredibly useful unit to have on your team, but he might just be too useful. He's such an all-purpose five-cost that he can make the game feel stale at times. Since it's almost always a good idea to pick him up, fights can feel repetitive since both players are repeatedly throwing full team stuns at each other.


Another five-cost unit that holds reliable power, Yasuo can terrorize games with the right items. The biggest concern with Yasuo, though, is that he rarely is used to cap off one of his traits. Rather than being the centerpiece of a powerful Warrior or Mirage team, he is instead used as a powerful flex unit that can go anywhere due to his power and ability to finish off teams. Rather than a unit most players intentionally build around, it feels like he exists more so to fill an unintended hole.

All Astral Units

I'm cheating with this one, but I had to include it somewhere. Of all the traits in Dragonlands, Astrals has been by far the hardest to balance. This difficulty to balance stems from managing the Astrals power regardless of whether a vertical 6 Astrals team is played or just using 3 Astrals to build into a different team. As a result, the trait has either been dominant or non-existent in this set as the developers work tirelessly to keep them in check. Some Astrals might stick around but with changed traits.