3 Things We Don't Want in Valorant 3.02

Photo by Riot Games

The three things we don't want in Valorant 3.02 might not be universally agreed upon by every fan, considering how vast the Valorant community is. But these three things, for any patch, usually aren't a good sign of things to come. So, for a game that's doing pretty well for itself, here are the three things we don't want in Valorant Patch 3.02.

3 Things We Don't Want in Valorant 3.02

1. Major Buffs

The immediate reaction after a large update like Episode 3 is typically to overcorrect. But a series of massive buffs to underutilized players would have massive effects on the game and its players, including making the game less fun to play. If Riot Games does want to institute balancing, it should be light, without rewriting the game's meta immediately.

2. Major Nerfs

Just like the buffs, serious nerfs would change Valorant entirely. Balancing a game is a delicate task, and shouldn't be done willy-nilly. There's plenty of Agents that could benefit from balancing: KAY/O, Skye, and Yoru would all be suitable candidates for buffing/nerfing, but it has to be done slightly, without completely tipping the scales.

3. Cheaper Skins

With the release of the Ruination skin bundle, plenty of players are enjoying the crossover between Valorant and League of Legends. But for many, the price tag for skins just isn't worth it. With the Ruination bundle costing a grand total of 8,700 Valorant points, it's a lot to ask for cosmetic items. While it might be a long shot for Riot to consider, lowering the cost of skins may encourage more players to spend on cosmetics going forward.