3 Things We've Learned From League of Legends Preseason 2022 So Far

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games introduced big changes to League of Legends in its preseason 2022. From new cosmetics, items and even objectives, Riot has added new features to switch up the game.

Preseason 2022 was released to PBE in early November and was added into the game a few weeks later. Before the launch of Season 12 sometime in January, players can try out the new updates in Patch 11.23 with the updated game. Here are three things we've learned through preseason 2022.

3 Things We've Learned From League of Legends Preseason 2022 So Far

1. New Hextech and Chemtech Dragons

Riot Games introduced these two new drakes in the preseason 2022 which can be expected to stay in season 12. Along with certain champion buffs, both new drakes give map control to the team who slays the dragon.

The Hextech rift creates Hex-gates throughout the map which allows the team to travel from one gate to the other in an instant. Meanwhile, the Chemtech rift creates four gas zones in the jungle which camouflage the team's champions.

2. New Items

In order to try and balance each role, Riot created six new items in the game. These items were designed to help tanks, bruisers, mages and assassins. This includes Crown of the Shattered Queen, Evenshroud, Axiom Arc, Shadowflame, Winter's Approach and Fimbulwinter. Riot also reworked several tank, mage and lethality items.

3. New Rune

A new inspiration keystone rune was added to the game. First Strike made its first appearance in the preseason. First Strike gives players an advantage when a players damages an enemy champion first. The inspiration keystone Omnistone was replaced with First Strike as it did not receive as much attention as Riot had hoped for.