Apex Legends

3 Things We Want for Apex Legends in 2022

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Apex Legends. The game still stands tall as a giant in the battle royale genre, but the game can separate itself from the pack with updates players want.

Three things players want for Apex Legends in 2022 is better matchmaking, better battle pass skins, and control improvements or at least control customization for better mobility. These issues have been prevalent even before Season 11 and have been addressed by the public multiple times.

3 Things We Want for Apex Legends in 2022

1. Better Matchmaking

This issue has been prevalent for quite some time, and is prevalent in other battle royale games as well. Players suffer when party members abandon matches or have connectivity issues.

It is not impossible to win or even have a good ranking in an Apex match when there are only two members, but a full team is better than one that isn't.

2. Better Battle Pass Skins

Season 11 Battle Pass Skins were considered a disappointment by players and calls have been made for an overall improvement. Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone have shown what a popular battle pass looks like, and a better set of skins for Apex Legends each season can only help its popularity.

3. Better Control Customization

Many players have found that the differentiation between reviving, reloading, and even opening doors can be quite frustrating in Apex, especially at a fast-paced level. Redditor Marx_Farx responded to a thread about how they recount the number of times they have tried to shield swap, but because their teammates were too close, revived instead which led to their death.

Players of all platforms just wish for a better quality of life in terms of how a player's controls are laid out. They want the freedom to choose what is best for their needs because currently, the options that Respawn has made available for Apex are not good enough.