3 Things We Want for Valorant in 2022

Photo courtesy Riot Games

The top of Valorant players' wish lists for 2022 almost entirely include talk about Agent balancing.

Riot Developers have promised the players that they will work agent balancing in the upcoming year and that players should expect a more fair playing field, especially considering that a new agent is appearing in the roster very soon. But what exactly needs to be fixed with the agents?

Here are three things we want for Valorant in 2022.

3 Things We Want for Valorant in 2022

1. Jett’s Rival

Jett has dominated Valorant for some time with no real agent being able to top her aerial mobility, even with buffs. Riot hopes to change this by adding what is considered Jett’s rival, codenamed “Sprinter." Future Jett nerfs might come, but for now the hope remains in this codenamed Agent.

2. Yoru’s Rework

With the newest agent Chamber being released, Riot had unknowingly diminished the already mediocre agent Yoru to be one of the worst agents in-game. It's not that he is a bad agent, but that his abilities are subpar to those agents around him. Hopefully this will change as Riot has confirmed that Yoru is on the top of priorities when it comes to balancing the Agents.

3. Buffs to Pheonix, Omen, and Brimstone

Some agents don’t necessarily need a buff as they are pretty secure in the position that they fulfill, but other agents such as Phoenix, Omen, and Brimstone need some updates.

Phoenix needs to have better healing abilities and his wall is not as effective as Sage's or Viper's. Phoenix has become one of the most unused agents in Valorant, when not too long ago he was a valued duelist.

Omen’s ultimate has continuously been criticized by the public calling it one of the weakest among all of the agents. And it's not just his ultimate, but his smokes also need some tweaking since they don’t seem suited for every map.

Finally, Brimstone needs a buff on his stim so that his niche specialization will become necessary for certain maps. This specialization will make Brimstone a better controller.