3 Things We Want From Overwatch Storm Rising

It's that time of the year when Blizzard releases the yearly Archives PvE mode for Overwatch. This year's event is titled Storm Rising and it looks like it will take place in Havana, Cuba and involve a tropical storm. As players eagerly anticipate what new challenges or enemies they will face in the latest iteration of this popular game mode, let's think about some fascinating additions Blizzard could add to its PvE mode.

1. Alternative Routes


So far, the players follow a predetermined path in every game. It would be interesting if players had multiple paths that they could choose to take. Each path would bring in different boss fights and perhaps even alter the game's ending.

2. Power-up Pickups


Blizzard could add temporary power-ups that players could utilize, à la Call of Duty zombies. For example, perhaps one pick-up will boost everyone on the team's damage output, while another could increase the healing rate of the supports. This could help save teams in a pinch and make the game a bit easier, especially for players randomly thrown together, where communication is more difficult.

3. Play as Talon


Reminiscent of the Versus mode in Left 4 Dead 2, players could be both the good guys and the bad guys. Players can have the option as playing as the Overwatch heroes or be one of the onslaught of robots. This way, players would be able to see the battle from the side of the Omnics. Every so often, they would have a chance to spawn as one of the special, more powerful robots rather than as a regular Talon goon. Blizzard might have to adjust the health and damage output of the robots, but this would be a very exciting addition to the game.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment