3 Things We Want from PUBG in 2020

Here are three things we want from PUBG in 2020
Here are three things we want from PUBG in 2020 | PUBG Corp

Bluehole released PUBG in the middle of 2017, and the game has evolved and improved in the years since. At the start of what will be its third, here's what we want to see from PUBG Corp as it continues to improve its flagship offering.

1. A New Map

No content in PUBG is as exciting as a new map release. Each of the game's environments has managed to depart significantly from its predecessors, adding different flavors to the game with each release. PUBG Corp has tried big, small, snowy and arid; what will its next creation look like? We hope to find out in 2020.

2. Progress in Cheat Prevention

Cheating may have been PUBG's defining issue in 2019. PUBG Corp has introduced new anti-cheating measures and banned players by the thousands, but the problem persists, and players have long since grown frustrated. Although it's impossible to stamp out cheating altogether, a renewed and reinvigorated effort should be among PUBG Corp's top priorities in 2020.

3. Less Vitriol in the Community

PUBG is full of problems. Cheaters, bugs, middling cosmetics; you name it, PUBG has suffered from it. As a result, the game's community has grown increasingly hateful, particularly on Reddit. As understandable as that rage is, players need to remember there are regular human beings working on the game. We all, players and developers both, want PUBG to be the best version of itself. Players remembering as much will make it that much easier for developers to give them what they're after.