3 Things We Want From Remastered Sanhok

The remastered version of Erangel was a massive success for the PUBG community and it's no surprise that PUBG Corp will eventually bring a remastered version for every other map.

Erangel was a prime candidate as the first PUBG map and the oldest, but Miramar is easily a close second. However, Sanhok could use a few upgrades.

While it was much more popular that Miramar for its smaller feel and better loot, the map isn't perfect. Here are three things we want from a remastered Sanhok.

3 Things We Want From Remastered Sanhok

3. Story and Plot

PUBG Corp introduced an actual story to tell and for players to find as they explore Erangel. It gave no life to a dead map and gave some history to the game. That would be appreciated on Sanhok as well. The map is scattered with deserted military bases, ancient ruins, and creepy caves. It deserves the same love!

2. Quicker Circles

The map is built on speed and quick matches, so let's take that even farther. Let's increase the speed of the circles and the time they spawn to force even faster games. The rest of the maps are built around long, drawn out matches, but Sanhok is meant to be faster paced.

1. More Ruins

The map has too many military bases and camps. This one should be more focused on the ruins or any ancient civilization that once inhabited the island. That will bring out more of the lore and more interesting battles around ancient buildings.