3 Things We Want in the Next PUBG Console Update

Here are three things we want in the next PUBG console update
Here are three things we want in the next PUBG console update /

The last PUBG console update, Update 4.2, has widely been viewed as one of the best in the game's history. It brought new content and gameplay improvements alike, but PUBG is a bottomless pit when it comes to problems that need fixes. Here are the three things we want in the next PUBG console update.

1. Option to Turn Off Auto-Accelerate

One of PUBG Corp's most recent missteps was the addition of an auto-accelerate command for driving vehicles. While such a feature might be useful, its being mapped to double tapping the right trigger makes for plenty of accidental activations that lead to spectacular crashes. PUBG Corp should move the command to some other input to avoid this frustrating occurrence.

2. Improved Rendering at Distance

PUBG has long had trouble rendering buildings and objects at long range, and irritation with that shortcoming continues to mount. From far enough away, players can shoot one another through walls and objects because they haven't rendered. PUBG Corp needs to fix this to make the game fair.

3. Fix for Lost Connection to Host

The "Lost Connection to Host" bug has plagued PUBG consoles for so long it would be funny if it weren't so annoying. This bug prevents play entirely, making it capable of ruining a night of play. A fix at long last seems unlikely, but players continue to hope.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp