3 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.02

Photo by Riot Games

With Valorant Patch 3.01 safely in the rear-view mirror, many players in the Valorant community are shifting gears ahead to Patch 3.02. While the first patch after a major update isn't necessarily big news, the second is where the development team may start to make bigger tweaks and changes. So, what can we expect for Patch 3.02?

Here's some things that players are eager to see ahead of Valorant's next patch.

3 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.02

1. KAY/O Balancing

This was to be expected, wasn't it? With any new Agent, there always comes the reckoning afterwards. KAY/O is in a good spot, with a unique kit that makes him invaluable to most team comps. Of course, there are always things that can be changed to make it a fairer fight. Reducing the suppression effect, or the range of his ZERO/point (E) is a simple, but effective change Riot could make without ruining KAY/O entirely.

2. Replay System

It has to happen eventually, right? Fans are eager to get their hands on the kill replay system, but Riot hasn't budged on it quite yet. The last news we got about a replay system was May 6, so it might end up being a while longer before it arrives in the game.

3. A Commendation System

Like any other popular multiplayer game, Valorant has it's share of great teammates and bad teammates. So, with all the variety in team play, a way to rate your teammates after a match wouldn't be the worst idea. It could be simple, like a thumbs up or down. It could be more complex, rating specific aspects of your teammates, like teamwork, kindness, and not raging. Compared to replay, it may be easier to implement, and with Riot Games using a similar system in League of Legends, Valorant could benefit from a team rating system.