3 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.04

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant Patch 3.04 will be hitting live servers soon, and with it will come quite a few changes. After Patch 3.03 was more or less a large scale bug fix, players are anticipating Patch 3.04 to shake things up quite a bit. Though maybe not on the scale of the economy update, there are a few changes that players would like to see when this new patch drops, to help further balance the game.

3 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.04

1. Omen Fixes

Omen is currently one of the buggiest characters in the game, and it directly impacts multiple of his abilities. Omen's smoke ability is currently being placed in the wrong area after being deployed, and this needs to be fixed. As one of the characters that uses smokes to hold off important chokepoints for long periods, placement of these smokes is crucial. His teleport is also quite buggy, with Omen not being able to teleport correctly for small distances, and some boxes that were formerly able to be teleported on are not with no reason as to whether it is a bug or not. After Omen was nerfed in the economy patch, using his abilities is a much more careful process, so it would be nice if it was working properly.

2. Yoru Rework

Yoru is currently the weakest agent in Valorant. There is no argument against it. His footsteps are too easy to recognize as fake, his teleport is loud and easy to find, his flashes are buggy and don't always properly bounce, and his ultimate, while a good information gathering tool, is the least useful in the game. To be viable with the rest of the agents in the game, he more than likely needs a full rework, or at least a massive change to his kit.

3. Agent Changes

Agent balancing is always a tricky thing to keep tuned properly, and there will always be a hierarchy of agents. Riot has been very fast with character changes, and has not been hesitant to really nerf strong characters to make way for others. Hopefully, they can make way for certain agents like Brimstone, Cypher, and other agents who haven't seen the top level of play since the launch of the game be viable again on multiple maps.