3 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.11

Photo courtesy Riot Games

With the most recent patch, Valorant 3.10, there have still been some consistent issues that are needed to be addressed, most notoriously, the new agent, Chamber, which he has some bugs that are very prevalent. Another agent still needs some love, as Omen has been talked about getting some new buffs, but that hasn’t happened just quite yet.

And with the new Agent begs the question, what happens with Yoru’s abilities?

3 Things We Want in Valorant Patch 3.11

1. Chamber’s Glitches and Bugs

Chamber’s pistol appears to be 100% accurate when fired when moving, even when it isn’t. And not just that, rescoped shots miss regardless of if they are on target or not, topping it all off with some lag.

2. Where is the Love for Omen?

Omen currently has one of the weakest ultimates in the game, especially compared to his fellow agents. There was a supposed leak earlier in the year that he would gain some buffs to balance his character in Patch 3.08, but sadly, the only fix was to Viper’s valve. 

To voice the leaks that supposedly were to happen, if Omen’s Paranoia no longer blinds the team, then With this buff, the controller agent would be able to blindside nearby enemies when he switches spots as well as be more team-friendly.

3. Possible Yoru Buff Needed

With the release of Chamber, there are still discussions on nerfing some of his abilities, but one in particular that has players particularly upset is how his teleportation action intersects, and possibly interferes, with that Yoru. If Chamber does not get nerfed in the upcoming update, then Yoru should at least have the benefit of having his abilities buffed in order to match his fellow Agents' abilities.