3 Things We Want in Warzone Pacific Season 3

Courtesy of Activision Blizzard
Courtesy of Activision Blizzard /

As much as fans are taking to Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded, there's always room for improvement in everyone's favorite battle royale game. Season 2 Reloaded is a smash hit with fans, with a ton of new content and operators, yet there are still some things that need tweaks and innovation.

Here are three things we want in Warzone Pacific Season 3.

3 Things We Want in Warzone Pacific Season 3

1. Fresh Map Design

While Rebirth Island is a well designed update, there needs to be something brand new regarding maps. Not just for Call of Duty, mind you, but battle royales overall. Most, if not all, battle royale games are fixated on their maps being nothing but huge islands, and while that's fine, there needs to be at least a few experimental maps to break the mold. Maybe center an entire map around a vertical complex, where players need to fight each other to reach the top, or have boats that drive around in circles and can allow the players to jump ship and steal loot like pirates.

2. Experimental Weapons and Equipment

Guns like AK-47s and M4s are solid, but there's still room for newer, fresher weapons and equipment. History is filled with weird weapons like the Stinger LMG that was stitched together from three different guns or the compact Liberator pistol. Even more basic gameplay elements like a grappling hook would prove to be useful to help compensate for the huge map size.

3. Basic Fixes and Balances

There have been some players who have expressed frustration at some of the basic gameplay elements that have been ignored. One of the more prevalent ones being the lack of explosive damage to vehicles, with some claiming to have pumped several rocket rounds into vehicles with barely a scratch on them. Other complaints have included attachments not working as advertised, and massive server issues.