3 Tips to Climb the Ranks in TFT

He's deadly sometimes, Chosen Teemo can be fun
He's deadly sometimes, Chosen Teemo can be fun / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

The Spirits set of TFT is slowly moving towards closure, as of Dec. 12 there are only 37 days left in the battle pass. Then we’re in for something new and exciting, but until then there is still plenty of time to make one last push, or even a few last pushes, towards your desired rank. Whether that’s Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or even Master these tips will help any player along their way

1. Stay Consistent

Elderwood is one of the most consistent compositions to play
Elderwood is one of the most consistent compositions to play / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Consistency is key. For players who have that hunger to climb the ladder, it is essential to stay up to date on patches and make sure to stay informed on what’s good and what’s terrible. Because of the constantly updating nature of TFT things can drastically change in just two weeks, so leaving the game for a month could mean a completely new set of playable compositions. This can be good, especially if the meta is something you’re not fond of, but even if you’re not playing stay informed.

2. Learn from the Best Players

Scarra is a top-tier player
Scarra is a top-tier player / Photo Courtesy of Scarra on Twitch

Twitch is the best way to improve, short of playing the game itself. Watching players like MismatchedSoscks, Kiyoon, or Becca is the best way to learn the game. Most of the best players also happen to be entertaining as well, a nice bonus. Becca is an excellent streamer who also has an extremely cute dog (absolutely no bias here). But anyone who has consistently stayed in Challenger is worth watching.

3. Don't Get Tilted

This is a tough one, it’s very easy to give advice like “don’t tilt,” but it’s not easy to follow through on that advice, especially as a player. There are games where you’re destined to go 8th, that is going to happen, and it’s best to accept that upfront. When you realize that some games are just unlucky then that can be liberating. 

When you’re in a game and you’re just not hitting two stars, or everyone seemed to build a team directly to counter you, that’s ok. Move on to the next one. Don’t get angry at the injustice you’re facing, see that everyone faces unlucky games. Even the best TFT players in the world hit eighth sometimes. And if tilt does hit, sometimes it’s unavoidable, then take a break. Walk away from TFT, play another game for a while, then come back another day.

Tilting your opponents is also a viable strategy. Emote spamming while your opponent is losing hard, or spamming when you take their pick on the carousel is the perfect way to create a psychological advantage.

Climbing the ladder is about persistence, it takes a lot of games to climb. Unless you’re an amazing player who hits the top two every game. But if that’s the case then you don’t need this advice. Most players start out in silver or lower, and most stop at Gold if they can get there. To climb just a few ranks can be done in as few as five games if the person climbing is first every game. That probably won’t happen. Stay strong, stay persistent, and don't get tilted.