PUBG Corp recently added two new vehicles to PUBG Xbox: the Snowbike and the Zima. Both are exclusive to Vikendi. Although each adds its own special dimension to gameplay, neither brings anything particularly new to the table. Here are three vehicles PUBG Corp should add to PUBG Xbox to spice up play.

1. An APC

PUBG Xbox already has an armored UAZ available through Flare Gun drops. But why use a vehicle already in the game to fill that role? Adding a new vehicle with similar use cases to replace the armored UAZ is a simple way to make the game feel more varied. An armored personnel carrier is a strong option that doesn't break with PUBG's more realistic approach to battle royale.

2. A Helicopter

Blackout brought helicopters to battle royale, but there's room for PUBG to alter and improve on the formula. Helicopters could be a rare occurrence that allow players to travel across the map quickly. PUBG Corp could use fuel as a way to balance their power, thereby also making fuel cans into useful loot.

3. A Bicycle

It wouldn't be glamorous, but a bicycle would be a fun addition on smaller maps. Its small size and speed might make it a liability, but it's also substantially quieter than most cars. That could give it a strategic edge on maps like Sanhok.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp