3 WWE Superstars That Are Favorites to be WWE 2K24 Cover Stars

WrestleMania 39
WrestleMania 39 / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

WWE is scorching hot right now after delivering a record-breaking Survivor Series: War Games on the backs of five great matches, the returns of Randy Orton, CM Punk and obviously, most importantly, R-Truth.

The Road to WrestleMania hasn't technically begun yet, but we're certainly heading toward it with no more Premium Live Events until the Royal Rumble. Part of the Road to WrestleMania will likely be build for the next WWE video game: WWE 2K24. The last iteration released March 14 just a couple weeks out from WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.

2K24 doesn't have a release date yet, nor has there been any official announcement regarding development yet from WWE. Still, that's not stopping us from predicting who should be on the cover this time around. Last year, 2K23 featured different eras of John Cena across multiple versions. This time around, it's easy money for who needs to be on the cover and it comes down to three current WWE superstars.

3 WWE Superstars That Need to be WWE 2K24 Cover Stars

1. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes Documentary Premiere - "American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes" / WWE/GettyImages

Every entry on this list is going to seem like a layup, and that's because there's honestly multiple ways for WWE and 2K to handle this that will be a resounding win. The American Nightmare just captained his War Games team to a win over The Judgment Day and he's got his sights on finishing his story. The Royal Rumble is coming up, he wants another shot at Roman Reigns and likely his eyes on another WrestleMania main event. He was an easy pick for last year, but now he's by far the biggest babyface in the business.

2. Rhea Ripley


The Judgement Day continues to be one of the hottest factions in all of professional wrestling with Rhea dominating the screen and ring whenever she shows up. Her reign as Women's World Champion is nearing the 300 day mark. If she holds onto the title up until WrestleMania, she will have eclipsed the one-year landmark. The last woman superstar to be on a cover was Becky Lynch alongside Roman Reigns for 2K20.

3. CM Punk


I mean, he has to be the odds-on-favorite, right? The Voice of the Voiceless, the Best in the World, the newest superstar signed to Monday Night Raw has already declared for the Royal Rumble igniting a likely feud between him and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Punk had his first match back in a WWE ring as well at Madison Square Garden defeating Dominik Mysterio. Making Punk the cover star could even add to the brewing feud with Rollins. The World Heavyweight Champion delivered a blistering promo against Punk when the latter signed for Raw and adding more and more fuel to the fire will only make this feud arguably the hottest in all of profesional wrestling.