30 Video Games That Totally Deserve a Remake

There are plenty of video games that deserve a full-on remake
There are plenty of video games that deserve a full-on remake / Squaresoft

Unless you’ve completely avoided the internet for the past several weeks, you’ve likely heard the buzz around Final Fantasy VII Remake — if not played through it already yourself. Seeing this 90s classic get remade for the current generation of consoles and players has us thinking of what other games we’d like to see a complete remake for either this generation or next. Read on for our 30 top picks.

1. Parasite Eve


It’s a bit surprising that we have remakes of multiple Resident Evil games and yet this 1998 classic is still untouched. Especially considering the popularity of the survival horror genre, it seems like an oversight.

2. Haunting Ground


While on the subject of horror games and Capcom's obsession with remaking Resident Evil titles, where’s the remake of Haunting Ground? It has a canine companion and things to say about the objectification of women, so it seems like the kind of remake that would draw in players and generate discussion.

3. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time


Sands of Time still feels just as fun to play now as it did in 2003, and it’s understandable why Ubisoft would try to recreate the magic with a sequel. Unfortunately, The Warrior Within eschewed all of the heart and originality of The Sands of Time by trying for a grittier Prince, perhaps in an effort to attract a more “adult” audience. If only Ubisoft would return to what made Prince of Persia great with a remake, we could experience the wall-running, time-controlling action of the original with enhanced graphics and tighter camera control. We can dream, right?

4. Chrono Cross


This 1999 Square title didn’t get as much attention as its predecessor, Chrono Trigger. And it’s a shame, really, because Chrono Cross also had an intriguing time travel storyline, incredible music, and charming characters.

5. The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Vivendi Games

With the popularity of The Simpsons mobile game, Tapped Out, it’s surprising that Hit & Run hasn’t already been remade. Yet here we are, almost 17 years later with no remake or remaster of this classic in sight.

6. Pokemon Snap


Honestly, we’re kind of shocked this N64 classic only had a re-release on the Wii and Wii U. Pokemon Snap seems like a no-brainer for a Nintendo Switch remake.

7. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines


Yes, we’re getting a sequel soon, but still— despite the strong narrative there were flaws with this game that make a remake not only desirable but almost necessary.

8. Final Fantasy VI


This game is an absolute classic, but it feels a bit inaccessible in its current form to new players. With the success of FFVII remake, we hope Square Enix will consider taking a second look at other entries in the series to give a second life— and this one is at the top of the list.

9. Brave Fencer Musashi


Too many people bought this PlayStation title solely for the included demo of Final Fantasy VIII back in the day. But this game, cheesy puns and all, was fun enough to stand alone in the 90s and today.

10. Bully

Rockstar Games

This Rockstar game did get a remaster, but not enough new was brought in to really make the second release worth a buy unless you just needed it on a newer console. We feel like a remake could bring in extra depth to the story as well as even more bizarre weapons and missions.

11. Nights into Dreams


While this Sega Saturn title did get a port for more consoles in the aughts, we can’t help but feel a full remake is what it deserves.

12. Alundra


This 1997 RPG in which the titular character must enter others’ dreams to fight off evil kind of had a Zelda feel but with darker undertones. Despite receiving largely positive reviews, the game didn’t make much of a cultural impact. Maybe a remake could change that.

13. Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Fox Interactive

It might be difficult to recapture the vibe of a 90s platformer today, but Croc seems like it would be just as fun on a current or even next-gen system as it was back in the day.

Plus, the music was just so dang catchy.

14. Legend of Dragoon

Sony Computer Entertainment

This RPG was a hit when it came out, and we feel like it would be just as successful (if not more) if it were released today.

15. Wild Arms

Sony Interactive Entertainment

This entire game series had a unique blend of JRPG mechanics and story elements with a western aesthetic that strangely works, but the original is perhaps the most deserving of a remake. While Wild ARMS 3 arguably had the most likable and unique protagonist, it’s still holds up well enough to not really need a remake at this point.

16. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus

Sony Interactive Entertainment

It feels a bit silly maybe to remake a game that was as well received and still as fun to play as the original Sly Cooper. But we can’t help but feel a remake of this game would help the series reach a whole new generation of players.

17. Mass Effect


The Mass Effect trilogy is an incredible series, but it’s hard to deny that gameplay really hit its stride with Mass Effect 2. While it’s possible to enjoy the second entry without playing the first, the story is richer with the background established in the beginning. A remake of the first Mass Effect for current-gen or next-gen systems would be a dream, but for now, at least, it seems EA is planning only a remaster of the trilogy.

18. Dino Crisis


Survival horror plus dinosaurs sounds like a winning combination, and Dino Crisis did have a fairly successful release. Still, this 1999 title would be a lot more intense with some updated graphics.

19. Skies of Arcadia


This Dreamcast RPG is considered a classic by many but is a bit difficult to access now. While a remaster or even just a re-release on current-gen systems would be welcome, a full remake might help the incredible story shine through more effectively, as the graphics really do not hold up well today.

20. Shenmue


Yes, after many years and a crowdfunding campaign we got Shenmue III last year. But we can’t help but feel that efforts might have been better spent remaking the original— perhaps with slightly better voice acting and pacing this time.

21. Devil May Cry


The director of this 2001 action title, Hideki Kamiya, suggested the possibility of a remake a few years back, stating that he could see a version of the game with a less anime-influenced style and more of a cinematic approach instead. While many fans voiced their disagreement on social media, it’s hard to deny that a remake overseen by the original creator would be a welcome surprise— even if it veers from the style of the original.

22. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Bethesda Softworks

Hear us out: While some of its glitches perhaps add to its charm and nostalgic value, its been almost two decades since Morrowind’s release. As beloved as this game is, flaws and all, it could undoubtedly reach new audiences if remade.

23. PaRappa the Rapper

Sony Computer Entertainment

This rhythm game is an absolute classic, and, as enjoyable as it and its remaster is to play, we want more! Plus, a remake would likely capture a new generation of players.

24. Grand Theft Auto III

Rockstar Games

This entry to the iconic Grand Theft Auto series is not only critically well-received, but also was undeniably influential with its open world design. It would be a real treat to see what Rockstar could do with this game if it received the treatment that more recent additions to the franchise have.

25. Viewtiful Joe


This GameCube side scroller arguably still holds up just fine. But we can’t help but feel a remake could take the original concept and add even more challenge and variety to this classic.

26. Grandia

Game Arts

Although it came out in Japan the same year as Final Fantasy VII, this RPG didn’t receive anywhere close to the level of attention despite having a dynamic battle system, voice acting, and a story that’s just as compelling. Grandia and Grandia II were both remastered for the Switch, but the original would have a better chance of reaching new audiences if remade with better graphics.

27. Crazy Taxi


While this game was and still is a lot of fun, you can’t help but wonder what new features and game modes would be added in to a remake.

28. Earthbound


Despite its cult classic status, Earthbound was commercially underwhelming in the west and is somewhat inaccessible for those who aren’t willing to grind. A remake could capitalize on the appeal of the original while bringing in new players.

29. Azure Dreams


While this game didn’t really capture an audience when it was released (and it definitely had plenty of flaws), its unique blend of having a single (but challenging) dungeon, a dating sim, and a town-building element would likely charm new players if remade.

30. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


Do we really need to explain this one? There have been plenty of Star Wars games, but this one is by far the most deserving of a remake.