300 IQ Flashbang Saves Player's Life in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS

This PUBG player saved his own life with a genius stun grenade
This PUBG player saved his own life with a genius stun grenade / PUBG Corp

PUBG streamer sprEEEzy saved his own in-game life with an unbelievably lucky stun grenade during a recent stream.

SprEEEzy posted the clip to the PUBG subreddit Friday.

In the video sprEEEzy lands at a small compound of houses on Erangel, but finds himself landing near another player. He races into the nearest house and starts looting, but finds only a stun grenade for his trouble. As a lark, he lobs the stun grenade at the door from which his opponent is most likely to enter.

Just as he turns away from the grenade, the door flies open and the enemy runs in, only to be instantly disoriented by the grenade. They take a shot at nothing as sprEEEzy ducks into a nearby room. The enemy player tries to follow him, but can't tell where they're going. The two players collide as sprEEEzy exits the room, still without a gun, but the other player's shots land wide.

Hiding in a corner, sprEEEzy finally picks up an AKM. He whirls around the corner as the enemy, still unsure where he went, turns to run up the stairs. SprEEEzy sprays him down with the AKM, taking no damage and winning the engage all on the back of a pure luck stun grenade.