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343 Industries Explains Its Philosophy About Big Team Battle

Photo courtesy of 343 Industries

343 Industries dove into its philosophy on Big Team Battle which has increased to 12v12 chaos. In the developer update, multiple team members shared their thoughts on Halo Infinite's take on the classic game mode.

Andrew Witts talked about the design pillars when it came to developing Big Team Battle.

Embrace the Spartan Battle Fantasy – We want players to really feel like they are within a Spartan unit pushing through the battlefield and capturing objectives as a team. That’s why we’ve invested in things like Pelican Drops, Commander mode VO, Weapon Pods falling from the sky to resupply the field and a few more dynamic elements – we wanted it to feel like an active battle inside the Halo universe. Additionally, we wanted maps to feel like they were a part of an iconic battle within the Halo universe.

Empower Player Types to Thrive – There are many different types of players in the Halo ecosystem. Some players are pilots, others are slayers or objective hunters, but we wanted all of them to work together in this BTB experience. Fernando has a fantastic phrase that sums up this pillar well: Make sure everyone can feel like a hero in any match.

Unleash the Halo Infinite Sandbox – This pillar kind of speaks for itself. We felt like the “big” in BTB was not just the number of players in the match or the size of the maps but the number of options at players’ disposal. All the toys are available in this space for maximum fun. 

Witts went on to explain that the team even shared stories of their own experience playing BTB. They wanted to honor the past, while also making a brand new feeling. The developer update goes in-depth on player count, weapons, vehicles, maps, and design. Overall, 343 Industries kept referencing the past in hopes to develop a better future.