4 Best Agents to Pair With Harbor in Valorant

Riot Games

Harbor was revealed as the newest Agent coming to Valorant. As Agent number 21 he will become the fifth controller added to the game. Here is a small list of some of the best agents to pair with Harbor when he arrives in Valorant on Oct. 18.

4 Best Agents to Pair With Harbor


The initiator KAY/O's ultimate Null/cmd paired with Harbor's Reckoning can allow KAY/O to play aggressively while Harbor goes for the assist. Players can also combine KAY/O's Zero/Point knife with Harbor's High tide to reveal enemy locations.


Harbor is already a controller but his one weakness might be his smoke abilities. Harbor is limited to one bullet absorbing smoke per round. Astra's smoke ability Nebula lasts for about 14 seconds and can be placed anywhere on the map when a star from the ability becomes available. Any agent with a reliable smoke ability will be helpful for Harbor.


Harbor's Cove Cascade and High Tide Wall are great moves to block the sights of enemies. Utilizing Breach's Fault Line or Aftershock moves to unsuspecting players will do heavy damage.


The initiator Fade combined with Harbor's site entering and sight blocking move High Tide wall is a great combo. An enemy hit by Harbor's High Tide can be followed up with Fade's Prowler to be hunted down and debuffed by the move. Fade can also use Haunt and Seize to slow down enemies combined with Harbor's Reckoning.