4 Best Agents to Pair With Neon in Valorant

Photo courtesy Riot Games

The best agents to pair with Neon in Valorant are Sage and Chamber. As both these Sentinels pose interesting support for the fast-paced Neon, they could really help in backing up this new agent with their valuable abilities.

Sage and Chamber are not the only agents that could provide assistance to Neon. Agents such as Reyna and Breach have concussive and blinding abilities that could really help Neon when going in for those final kills.

Best Agents to Pair With Neon in Valorant

Sage, Chamber, Breach, and Reyna can prove to be valuable agents that can support the newest agent, Neon, in their own way. With Sage’s health, that could really help benefit Neon as her character seems to really push and attack as fast as possible, disrupting the opposing side.

Chamber, with his sniper-like playstyle, can support Neon from the back, picking off the enemies that she does not see, and helping trap enemies that Neon can kill.

Breach and Reyna can really help Neon, especially Breach as his abilities can concuss other agents and give Neon a great opportunity to use her ultimate and have better aim. While Reyna not only can help Neon push the team, as Reyna is also a duelist, but her blinding ability can give Neon an edge against opponents. With both abilities activated, this combination can allow Neon to slide her way into the unexpected enemy.

Neon looks to be an exciting addition to Valorant and fans will want to figure out how to best pair her with other characters already in the game. We've seen Agents like Reyna take over the meta, and we've seen Agents like Yoru fall to the wayside. For the sake of balance, hopefully Neon is somewhere in the middle.