4 Best Counters to Harbor in Valorant

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Harbor is the newest Agent coming to Valorant on Oct. 18. Harbor will have abilities that aim to protect teammates and block the vision of the enemy team. Here is a small list of four counters we believe will help prepare Valorant players for Harbor.

4 Best Counters to Harbor in Valorant


Fade is arguably the best agent to counter Harbor. Prowler can be used to detect Harbor even when he attempts to block enemies with the rushing waves of Cascade or High Tide. Fade's Haunt will also help players follow a trail that is created when players are hit.


Raze can use Boom Bot to detect Harbor before he starts to do harm. Once Harbor is using moves to mess with your teams' sight Raze can also use Blast pack's audio queues to help locate the enemy and then be detonated with a well-placed shot.


With KAY/O's Zero/point move he can suppress any enemy in his sight or those that are hiding with his suppressing blade. Null/cmd is also an effective move to suppress enemies. An overloaded Null/cmd can also increase the speed of KAY/O's speed and fire rate.


Similar to Raze, Skye has abilities that can help you and other agents detect Harbor when he is making trouble. When enemies are hit with Skye's Blinding Light move an audio queue can be heard to assist in recon. Trailblazer can also be used to scope out the map while also offering some damage when it explodes in a concussive blast.

Harbor releases Oct. 18.