4 Dances We'd Like to See Put into Fortnite

Do your dance, do your dance
Do your dance, do your dance / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

There are few Fortnite moments more satisfying than winning a victory royale and hitting your signature dance, while previous victims spectate your screen. Dancing is one of the most humorous and fun aspects of Fortnite, and with so many dances available, it's a great way to make your playing unique. Here are four dances that we'd like to see added to Fortnite.

4 Dances We'd Like to See Put into Fortnite

4. Going into the Safe!

This little skit would be just perfect for Fortnite celebration. With the introduction of loot vaults in the start of Chapter 2, this dance couldn't be introduced at a better time. Just watch Titans wide receiver AJ Brown turn the wheel and make it rain.

3. Uno Dance

After scoring goals and doing Fortnite dances for celebrations all the way back in Chapter 1, it's only right to pay back Tottenham Hotspur Football Club star Dele Alli. Last season during his club's miraculous run to the Champions League Final, there was a clubhouse moment of dance that went viral. Dele, wins a game of uno, and proceeds to do a dance which is clearly a bit of an inside joke with the Spurs players. It looks like it would fit right in with Epic Games title.

2. The Joker Dance

One of the most popular movies in recent times, The Joker, had an iconic dance scene. Joaquin Phoenix delivered one of the cinematic moments of the year, and one that could be perfectly captured for an emote. Check out the strut and imagine it on the Fortnite island.

1. Choppa City Juke

Made famous by former NFL star Chris Johnson, the Choppa City Juke would be a great way to celebrate kills, wins, or just general fun on the island with friends. While it may not be well-known, this dance would surely be a hit on the Epic Games servers.