4 Fortnite Season 1 Skins We Wish Would Come Back

Fortnite Season 1 seems like a mystery to many players. The game was hardly popular at the time and most streamers were tentatively trying it out since most were burned out over PUBG.

The game was in its infant stages when it came to building and many of the cosmetics were basic compared to today's status, but that's what makes them unique. The original skins stand out in their basic forms.

The two Halloween skins made an appearance during the holidays in 2018, so expect a similar situation for 2019.

Here are four Season 1 skins we wish would come back.

1. Skull Trooper

One of the most iconic skins in the whole franchise, the Skull Trooper was one of two skins released over Halloween back in 2017. It eventually was released in 2018 over the same time.

2. . Ghoul Trooper

3. Renegade Raider

This skin was unlocked at level 20 and is the last skin that is possibly unlocked in Season 1. As you can see from the only two skins of the season, Epic Games wasn't invested many resources into the skins and cosmetics.

4. Aerial Assault Trooper

While Season 1 didn't have a battle pass, players could still earn levels and unlock prizes. Aerial Assault Trooper is unlockable at level 15.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games