4 Outrageous Changes Epic Games Could Make to the Fortnite Map

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Season 6 of Fortnite is well underway and so far it’s been so good. The primal theme has been very fun and there are new twists around every corner. However, even with a map as unique as this one, there can always be changes.

Here are four outrageous changes that Epic Games could bring to the current Fortnite Map.

1. A location for dinosaurs

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The addition of animals has been huge for this season and fans like them so far. However, it’s somewhat rare to see players taking them, this could be due to the lack of them around the map. If Epic Games added a location specifically for dinosaurs it would add a cool new feature to the map.

2. Adding a Second Slurpy Swamp

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Slurpy Swamp is a unique part of the map as you can increase your shield by just sitting in the swamp. Sometimes shields can be hard to come by, so making another spot on the map where players can heal their shield would be pretty cool.

3. Adding More NPCs

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

So far, NPCs aren’t necessarily fan favorites, but they do play a role in the game. Adding more of them around the map, each with new abilities could help the Fortnite community become more fond of having them around the map.

4. Bring Back Tilted Towers

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Since Tilted Towers left, there isn’t one consensus location on where the best players land or even a place to land where you know you have to fight for your life. Bringing this back will immediately get all Fortnite players excited. This would be a welcome change to the map!

Fortnite is constantly adding new things to the game, so none of these suggestions are necessarily that outrageous. Well except maybe the first one. However, there will probably be a few more map changes before the next season of Fortnite!