4 Teams to Watch at ECS Season 8 Finals

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ECS Season 8 Finals is set to start Nov. 28 and will bring together eight teams to compete in Arlington, Texas. Four teams will represent North America while four will represent Europe. Unlike other tournaments of the same size, there are no spots given to other regions as every team needed to qualify by competing in the ECS online season.

With teams likes Astralis, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, and MIBR in attendance, it should be a fantastic test for many before the year is over. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains team game and as such, here are four teams to keep an eye on during the tournament.

4. Fnatic

Fnatic has been a strange CS:GO roster for about two years now. One of the powerhouses of old, Fnatic has never quite returned to their dominant form. They still have a chance at competing with some of the best and will surprise the community with a tournament win like at DreamHack Malmo, but they are far from consistent. Multiple roster changes have thrown their rhythm off and suppressed any momentum.

Now, with familiar faces back on the team, Fnatic should be posed for a stellar tournament.


The team with the most to gain has to be MIBR. The Brazilian squad hasn’t found any type of footing since 2018 and the team desperately needs help. After trying our different rosters, the team went back to an all-Brazilian roster. Things still haven’t clicked, so we could see drastic changes to the organization if things don’t shape up.

2. Evil Geniuses

The North American squad is now the best team from their region, but unlike Team Liquid’s dominance, Evil Geniuses haven’t won back-to-back. Is this the tournament for them? It’s tough to say. With Astralis back in form, every team seems to be a tier below them, but Evil Geniuses did defeat Astralis at ESL One New York. Astralis has improved since then and Evil Geniuses seems to have gotten worse.

If there was ever a time for a statement win, it’s now.

1. Astralis

Are they back? Did they ever leave? Astralis’ era did end for a time. There is no denying Team Liquid was the best team in all of CS:GO, but their time is over. We’ve seen the rise of a few contenders since then, but Astralis seems to have taken ahold of the top spot again. After not dropping a single map in their last tournament, Astralis is clearly the best team in CS:GO again. But can they hold on?

The ECS Season 8 Finals will be a perfect spot for them to cement their legacy. Or just maybe another team will rise up and give the Danish team a challenge.

Photo courtesy of ESL

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