4 Things We Don't Want From the Overwatch Presentation at Blizzcon

Blizzard Entertainment's BlizzCon is around the corner and will start Nov. 1. Pre-festivities will occur on Halloween, but the meat and potatoes of the event happen over the weekend. As excited as the community is for the potential news, there are a few things players don't want to see.

Now that the schedule is released, we have a general feel for the event with plenty of unknown information to keep things excited. Here are five things we hope not to see at BlizzCon.

4. PvE Only

While having a more lore-centered game will be a welcomed change, it's not all we want. It's likely Overwatch 2 is a PvE focused game, but it should still have multiplayer. As long as PvP remains, bring on the lore!

3. Mobile Anything

After the Diablo mobile game last year, the community isn't keen for more mobile news. Blizzard should avoid the news entirely and save it for a later date. No one wants to see any type of Overwatch mobile game.

2. No Hero Presentation

With Overwatch 2 being a real possibility, Blizzard could skimp out on Overwatch. We better still have a new hero reveal. The game still needs more reveals and Overwatch could be a PvE game. If that happens, we better still get a hero reveal.

1. No Overwatch 2

Blizzard needs to do something to save the Overwatch franchise. It's not a dead game, but the player base has dropped, Twitch numbers have dropped, and the game feels stale. Overwatch 2 could be a welcoming addition.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard