4 Ways Overwatch Seasonal Events Could Be Improved

Overwatch's seasonal events are a major part of what's kept the game vital in the years since its release, but they can get old. Here are four ways Blizzard could improve its current system.

1. Less Asset Recycling

Recycling assets can be a huge help for developers looking to save time and effort. When done poorly, it can make players feel as though they're being cheated out of new content. Blizzard is typically good at avoiding that feeling by transforming the assets on a surface level, but events like this year's Storm Rising have failed to make things feel fresh. Blizzard should work harder to disguise its recycling or put in the work for new content in the first place.

2. More Epic Skins

Rather than demand strictly more from the art team, it would benefit both it and the players if Blizzard focused more on epic skins than legendary when it came to events. Epic skins are less impressive than legendary ones, but they take less creative work, help avoid skin quality creep, and are often sleeper picks for the best skins in each set.

3. More Story

As fun as the non-story related events are, Overwatch's year feels long when its story advances an inch over the entire time. Archives events can only do so much for that story. Finding a way to incorporate story elements in other events would go a long way toward sating fans' expectations of the Overwatch story.

4. Intra-Event Variation

Archives is the only event that sees significant variation year to year, helping it stay exciting outside of the usual content drop. Tweaking other events would make the Overwatch event calendar that much more dynamic. Blizzard could explore other takes on the same holidays by incorporating traditions from elsewhere in the world. They could also swap out events for ones that occur at similar times, such as Winter Solstice for the obviously Christmas-themed Winter Wonderland.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard