​It has been a rough year so far for compLexity's Dota team. After hitting the reset button when failing to make it through the wildcard round at TI7, compLexity have not been able to find a stable roster. 

Last time compLexity made a roster change, it was by kicking Justin "justin" Rosselle in the middle of a series. This led the team to move former offlaner David "Moo" Hull to the carry position and bring in substitute Jaron "monkeys-forever" Clinton to play the offlane for The Boston Major. 

Now compLexity have made another seemingly ill-timed roster move, by parting with midlaner Mihai "canceL^^" Antonio in the middle of the Elimination Mode 3 tournament. 

This decision seems to be a bit more mutual between compLexity and canceL^^, unlike the Justin and compLxity departure earlier this year. 

Maybe canceL^^ is just home sick, or maybe it really is not a great fit for the team, because canceL^^ was one of compLExity's best players over the past few months and I do not see how this roster move makes them any better. 

Already under pressure from upstart teams, Team Onyx and Team Wanted, compLExity will need to make an impact signing to get back to being a top three North America Dota team, or running the risk of becoming an afterthought in the North America Dota scene.