5 Abilities That Were Removed From Overwatch

The roster of Overwatch has a wide range of characters that perform unique and devastating abilities. 

There were some character abilities that were in the earlier versions of the game, but deemed not suitable for the final product. This lead them to being removed completely from the game.

Here are the five abilities that were removed from Blizzard's latest title.

5. Bastion's Frontal Shield

During the closed beta for Overwatch, our favorite Omnic had a Reinhardt type shield that had one-thousand health and would deploy during his turret mode.

As you can imagine, this ability was over powered and the developers did everyone a service by not having it in the final version of the game.

4. Pharah's Concussive Blast Shield Damage

Pharah's concussive blast ability made it into the final game, but it had a complete makeover before it could. 

In the alpha stage of the game, Pharah's concussive blast ability had the ability to damage physical shields. This included the likes of Reinhardt and Winston's shields. 

The developers felt that Pharah could do enough damage to shields with her rocket launcher.

3. Bastion's Mine

It seems as though Blizzard had a tough time deciding what the menacing robot would have as abilities. 

Bastion's ultimate before being the tank mode was a controllable mine that you could drive around. When you found an enemy you could activate it and send it flying in the air where it would start spraying bullets all around it.

I am very thankful that this did not make it into the final product.

2. Genji's Bleed Effect

Before Genji's Swift Strike attack did direct damage when it landed a blow on an enemy, it would cause a bleed effect. 

This bleed effect would cause damage over time, but since it took so long for this effect to actually do any kind of significant damage the developers decided to go for the direct damage approach.

1. Tracer Laser Eyes

In the very early stages of Overwatch's developement, Tracer actually had the ability to shoot laser beams out of her eyes. 

This ability was removed before the alpha version of the game, but it shows the kind of crazy abilities that the developers were trying out when they first started to make our favorite game.

Photos courtesy of IGN, Real Sport, Konshu, and FantasticalGamer