The 3 Best Healing Heroes in Dota 2

If you play the support position, you know that picking a healing support can sometimes make the difference in sustaining your team to victory. It's common for heroes to barely survive on low HP,  so having one of these heroes on your team can make the difference between your team getting wiped, and the opponents team getting wiped. 

Here are the three best healing heroes in all of Dota.

3. Oracle

With a spell like Purrifying Flames, and an Ultimate like False Promise, it is no wonder that Oracle is one of the best healers in all of Dota. A tricky hero to play as, your team must really know how to play to its strengths, or you could use its powers to hurt your team as much as you do to help it.

2. Omniknight

Everyone's favorite pick, Omniknight can do huge amounts of healing, and still find a way to carry his team to victory. Between Purification and his ultimate Guardian Angel, Omniknight can not only heal, but prevent massive amounts of damage to his team. 

1. Dazzle

The number one healing hero in all of Dota, should come as no surprise. Dazzle is the king of healing. Shadow Wave can heal entire waves of heroes and creeps at once, while Shallow Grave can prevent a hero at near death from dying. Factor in Dazzle's ultimate, Weave, and you have a hero whose single purpose is to heal and sustain a team to victory.