Thanks to a tip off from Reddit user AngelicLionheart, it's now known that 343 Industries has a job opening for a Narrative Director at their Redmond office. Becoming a Narrative Director in the industry tasks you with developing, creating, and overseeing all narrative content.

A Narrative Director position is a prodigious opportunity, especially for a significant game company like 343, but the announcement of the job opening unfortunately confirms that their current Narrative Director, Brian Reed, has been let go.

The fans have been extremely disappointed with the direction the story in the games have been progressing towards, therefore many may be relieved to know he is gone. The community had been long awaiting Halo 5: Guardians and were sadly underwhelmed with the campaign and the story it has set up for the future of the franchise.

Although some in the community may be rejoicing, this seemingly random replacement of Reed raises speculation that he has left on unpleasant terms, or as a result of the constant harassment of his work on Halo 5.

With the uncertainty and anticipation of a new Narrative Director, we only hope that the individual that takes his place will drive the story into one that pleases the fans that have dedicated themselves to this company and franchise for years. 

Halo has had exceptional campaigns and storylines in the past, and we're looking forward to experience what a new writer creates for the upcoming games.