6 Best League of Legends Skin Concepts

Riot encourages the community to dream up their own champions and skin concepts for their League of Legends characters. There is even a board on their website titled 'Concepts and Creations' open for fans who just can't shake what they want their favorite champion to look like. Here are six of the best recent skin concepts we've seen so far!

6. Pool Party Braum

If the ladies can wear bathing suits and chill at the pool, why can't the guys? Bleediss's Pool Party concept for Braum as a lifeguard is perfection; I'm not sure if it's the rescue board or the speedo that nails it for me, but I'd switch to support just for this skin.

5. Void Cassiopeia

MenoOG is a dedicated Cassiopeia player that just wants her to have all the skins she deserves. Here he fashioned a Void Cassiopeia skin concept that accentuates her already creature-like design. The void colors and attitude suit her very well.

4. Pastry Chef Ziggs

The original idea came from Mushu8 who was observing Ziggs' sound clips. Somehow, a plethora of explosive pastries popped into their head. They voiced their idea in the boards and voila; FloRaider42 whipped up a mock splash art to feed his fantasies and it is as decadent as we wished it would be.

3. Mafia LeBlanc

Hylia has reimagined LeBlanc as the epitome of political intrigue and assassination, creating a fantasy of her heading an organized crime syndicate. Not only did they craft a skin for her and her clone, they had already imagined her voice and accompanying sound effects. As a fan of the Jazz Age and mafia films, I'd love to see LeBlanc acquire a skin like this.

2. Molten Zac

We are used to seeing Zac in his usual gooey, green, oozing form, but what if instead of a blob, he was made of lava? Since lava appears to have a similar consistency and reacts to movement in the same way, the idea popped into TehSasquatch's head and they created Molten Zac

1. Elderwood Kindred

VegaColors created a detailed concept of an Elderwood Kindred to join the existing guardians of the Elderwood: Bard, Hecarim, and LeBlanc. It looks noticeably different than Kindred's current style, evolved from a lamb/wolf to more of a human appearance. The Kindred mains in the comments seem very pleased and wished it was an official release.

Cover photo is Skin Sketches, courtesy of VegaColors