​One of the best parts about the League Championship Series is the casters. They each bring a different type of personality and pizzazz to the broadcast. Their overall knowledge of the game enhances the experience and properly guides the audience throughout a series.

Now, imagine if James "Dash" Patterson and Josh "Jatt" Leesman were replaced with bronze League of Legends players. What do you think that would sound like?

Well, ​Jolt3d created a hilariously accurate video casting the Week 5 game between Cloud9 and Team SoloMid. Watching this video is like witnessing a bronze all chat come to life.

As he openly criticizes each team, he embodies a stereotypical bronze ego perfectly. At the end, his commentary culminates as you hear him rage quit absurdly.

Don't take for granted the talent we have behind the LCS desk. Now, imagine a bronze commentated on a match between bronze players. The horror.