Not everyone playing video games has the same physical capabilities, and sometimes this can prevent people from being able to enjoy certain games at all.

Most of the time, the games that people would have problems with would be ones that require fast paced and precise movement, such as first person shooters. Heck, I can barely play these games. 

Sometimes however, players are ​able to find creative accommodations for their disabilities, even with a game like Overwatch.

​​A player who goes by WheelsyGamer created a Reddit post yesterday detailing his own experiences as a disabled gamer, as well as the creative way he found to enjoy Overwatch.

Using a hybrid setup that utilizes both a controller and a mouse, WheelsyGamer is able to play one hero, and one hero only: Mercy. Her abilities don't require much aim at all. so it's the perfect fit.

However, after the recent patch, WheelsyGamer found that the unique input setup was not functional anymore. The Reddit community was quick to offer many possible solutions to Wheelsy, but it's unknown yet whether or not any of them worked.

At the very least, we should try to get Blizzard's attention for this story! We want Wheelsy back!