​One of the great debates that fans of World of Warcraft often partake in is whether the vanilla version or the frequently updated version of the game is the best.

Vanilla fans remember the old days where completing a dungeon, reaching max level, obtaining a mount and completing a raid were difficult and worthwhile accomplishments. They often dislike how easy it is to accomplish these kinds of goals in each expansion that is released. 

If you are a player longing for the glory days of vanilla World of Warcraft then you need to check out the fan hosted server ​Project Elysium.

This server will let you experience true vanilla World of Warcraft exactly how it was when the game first released. 

Project Elysium is gaining a large player base, as their official Twitter account reported that they reached a total of 20,685 players on the server on Mar. 26. 

The community is not sure what the future holds for the vanilla server, as Blizzard shut down the first private vanilla server, the Nostalrius server, on Apr. 10, 2016. The server was the largest private server in World of Warcraft before it was shut down, as it had 150,000 active accounts playing on it. 

It is clear that the community is very passionate for a dedicated vanilla server for their favorite MMORPG and they would be ecstatic for Blizzard to release a official server for players to enjoy vanilla World of Warcraft.

Cover photo courtesy of Diary of Dennis