3 Best Playoff Runs in the History of the NA LCS

With historically dominant teams like TSM and Cloud9 slumping, and lower standing teams like Dignitas, CLG, and Phoenix1 currently on the rise, we can expect to see a close and competitive playoff race in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split. With that in mind, lets take a look back at the most exciting, and most dominant runs through the NA LCS playoffs history. We're going back to a distant land! 

3. Counter Logic Gaming 2015 - Summer Split

The sweetest victory. After watching from the sidelines year after year, CLG took their first round bye, and went undefeated against Team Impulse in the second round. Even sweeter yet was their championship series against rivals TSM, whom they were able to embarrass by taking the series 3-0, and earning themselves their first ever NA LCS championship.

2. Cloud9 2014 - Spring Split

Remember when Cloud9 was, year after year, by far the best team in North America? Coming after their undefeated sweep of the 2013 regional playoffs, Cloud9 did the unthinkable, and went undefeated in back-to-back playoff runs. 

Cloud9 cemented their status as the kings of NA during the championship series against TSM. On paper, Cloud9 looked to have their work cut out for them up against a TSM who had swept their two playoff series so far. C9 went on to stomp TSM, taking the series 3-0, and the winning championship yet again.

1. Team SoloMid 2014 - Summer Split

After an underwhelming 16-12 finish in the regular season, TSM seeded third into the playoffs behind LGD and Cloud 9. After taking their first series 3-1 against Dignitas, TSM looked to face both LGD and Cloud9 in back-to-back five game series. Both series went to all five games, but against all odds, TSM came out on top, which culminated in one of the greatest cinderella stories in NA LCS history.