Recently, Overwatch director, Jeff Kaplan, sat down with Gamespot for an interview. Among the many subjects that were discussed in the interview, Jeff managed to lend a little insight into the release schedule of new heroes for the game. 

"Each hero that comes out makes us evaluate how much time it should take for the next hero to come out. I really do feel that we should not be in a mode where we're shooting to have one hero a month or something like that... So, I would like to see hero development not go any faster than it currently is and maybe over time even slow down somewhat."

Now, it is uncertain how long Blizzard plans on supporting Overwatch. However, some conclusions can be made. World of Warcraft is going on 14 years strong, so players can expect Overwatch to maintain a comparable lifespan. And, if Blizzard continues to add three heroes a year, players can expect 50+ heroes to be developed. 

"One of the factors is our time and attention. The more heroes we add, the less attention we're giving to the existing 24 heroes that are already out there. Then also I think there's something that's really valuable in player affinity for a hero. That has to do with how the hero looks, the backstory, their relationships with other heroes in the game, and I feel like the more heroes we add the less we can invest in each hero that already exists."

Given how Jeff and the Overwatch Team feel about hero development, it is clear that players should not expect more than four heroes a year (and likely fewer). While, three to four months between new heroes seems to be a long period, with Blizzard constantly adding updates, events, skins, and many other changes to the game frequently, the period for adding heroes is difficult to complain about. 

"I want each hero to feel like a really special event where you're just so excited, they fit in, and once they're added, it feels like they were always meant to be there. [I don't want] to get into a mode where we're like, "What's the hero of the week" and they start to homogenize with each other or take away from each other."

Photo Courtesy of Kinerage on Reacttant.