​Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill has risen again as a star in the professional CS:GO world, but this time, as an analyst. He was mostly known as the in-game leader of the Australian CS:GO team Renegades, in which he didn't find the success he desired. 

However, after he retired from playing professionally, he quickly switched to the analyst role, combining his expertise of Counter-Strike and experience as a former pro player. He quickly became one of the most insightful voices on the analyst desk, booking events one after another.

Duncan "Thorin" Shields, the cream of the CS:GO analyst crop, recently hailed SPUNJ and his talent in front of a camera. He said SPUNJ could be one of the best analysts in all of esports if he sticks to it. 

That's high praise coming from the esports historian. Thorin doesn't let compliments fall out of his mouth easily. The few times he does, they are accurate and well-deserved.

Photo via DreamHack.