SK Telecom T1 was able to complete the clean sweep on KT Rolster on Saturday in their LCK Spring Finals victory. 

Referred to as the "Telecom Wars," kt vs SKT is always a top-tier match from the world's best League of Legends players on either team. A telecoms LCK Finals had been denied by Samsung GALAXY since 2015, and these two rivals were hungry, to once again, face off on the Finals stage.

In the end, though, predicted to be closer, the defending world champions and match favorite SKT T1 walked away with a clean sweep.

Final score: [L] kt Rolster 0-3 SK Telecom T1 [W]

Mid Lane

This matchup between kt's Heo "PawN" Won-seok and SKT's Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok decided the game, as Faker exerted his will over PawN in all three games. 

By drafting around PawN's picks and countering him, Faker was able to shut him down and roll the series in SKT's favor.

SKT drafted a "protect the AD carry" comp in Game 2 and 3, and Faker showcased unconventional mid lane picks of Karma and Lulu. This also served to counter PawN's LeBlanc, as Faker's shields prevented him from snowballing kills.

Overall, PawN looked less than impressive and was clearly frustrated by the end of the series. PawN's Game 3 LeBlanc went 0-8-4, and it was clear that Faker's counters had effected him mentally. 


SKT's Han "Peanut" Wang-ho outstanding games triumphed over kt veteran Go "Score" Dong-bin, as the jungle matchup was pivotal in SKT's victory.

After a close first game, Peanut out-Smited Score on a 50-50 baron play to squeeze out their first game victory. Until that point, Peanut and Score were dead even and the series seemed to be neck and neck. 

In Game 2 and 3, Peanut steamrolled Score with a 6-1-8 Lee Sin and 11-1-9 Graves performance. It seemed like the close call baron play from Game 1 had carried over into the rest of the series, and Peanut was able to break the series open.

Score is a veteran LCK jungler who is consistently leading the league in KDA, so it was surprising to see him get demoed by the younger Peanut. On a star-studded SKT roster, Peanut is usually not in a position to hard carry the way he did this series. 

Because of SKT's team comp and Faker playing support-mages from mid lane, Peanut was forced into a carry role. The result was a dominant performance, as Peanut finished the series with an 11.25 KDA.

SKT and kt Rolster looked almost dead even for the majority of Game 1 until SKT broke the game wide open on a team fight around the baron. After Game 1, kt Rolster seemed deflated and was easily handled by SKT. 

SKT Faker and Blank

Easily handling the 3-0 sweep, SKT looks to be the best team in the world. kt Rolster came into the finals match on a roll with back-to-back 3-0 victories, one coming against LCK powerhouse Samsung GALAXY. For SKT to dismiss them so easily was a shock, as many were predicting the series to draw out over four or five games.

Without a doubt, this LCK final featured two world class teams. Though, this defeat stings for kt Rolster, they started the spring season with a new roster and did extraordinarily well for their first split together. SKT came out ahead in today's battle, the telecom wars aren't over.

Photo courtesy of The Rift Herald