Beginning on May 1, Overwatch players can earn a special Officer D.Va skin which is exclusive to people who played Blizzard's action strategy game Heroes of the Storm. 

Now, with the start of Nexus Challenge 2.0 in Heroes of the Storm, there will be a four-week-long event giving players the opportunity to unlock Overwatch-themed cosmetics in both games if they play a number of games with friends. 

Some fans are very excited about this opportunity and have already begun to make safe for work fan art! 

However, there are a few fans that are a bit displeased with the skin because of the highly controversial position of the police right now in America.

Some people are claiming that this is a direct opposition to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. 

There are even players refusing to heal D.Va now.  

I understand the gripes of the community, but unfortunately they are getting the picture wrong. D.Va's new skin isn't for any sort of American police force, it makes her a Korean military official.

Since D.Va is not American, she exists outside of the controversy in America.

So far, Blizzard has not released any statement regarding this controversy amongst fans, and, to avoid brewing a whole lot of press they probably don't wait, they likely won't.

Images Courtesy of elliexer KentaroPJJ@Hana_DVa_Song