7 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Overwatch Heroes

The Overwatch Universe is filled to the brim with lore and backstory to each of its unique characters. Here is some additional info you might have missed relating to some of the heroes who populate the game.

7. The Boy who Cried Wolf

One of Hanzo's voice lines is, "I choose you, Spirit Dragon," which is a reference to the iconic lines often spoken in Pokemon. However, when equipping the skins using a wolf pelt, the line will change to "I choose you, Spirit Wolf."

6. Mutual Attraction

Lucio and D. Va are celebrities in the Overwatch universe, with Lucio being a Brazilian DJ, and D. Va a Korean Starcraft player. Well, apparently they both know of each other. When in a match, there is a chance these characters will ask to exchange autographs.

5. Do Robots Believe in Mortal Myths?

The tiny yellow bird following Bastion is named Ganymede, who in Greek mythology was a beautiful mortal man captured by Zeus to live in Olympus to serve the gods. Perhaps this is an allegory for the fact that Bastion is an omnic who sees the beauty in nature.

4. Tiny Corvette of Death

Reinhardt used to have a wildly different ultimate ability in the alpha stage of Overwatch's development, where he would deploy a remote controlled tiny car that fired a barrage of bullets around it. Clearly Blizzard had a major change of heart.

3. Junrat Drinks Bubble Tea

What exactly keeps a man like Junkrat so lively? According to Jeff Kaplan, the game director for Overwatch, the canteen on Junkrat's belt is filled with milk tea and Boba, half sweet. It's interesting that such an explosive personality is fueled by such a mellow drink.

2. Roadhog is Actually Infamous

After losing his humanity from the traumatic events he experienced, Roadhog turned into a brutal being. When loading into a game, the newspapers in King's Row and Temple of Anubis detail Roadhog's destructive exploits around the world.

1. Baby Boomer and Boomer Baby

It's good to know that powerful suits of armor are appropriate for all ages and genders. D.Va is the youngest Overwatch hero at 19 years old, while Reinhardt is the oldest at 61. That's quite the age gap between the two.