News has broken that China's LPL will implement franchising, taking effect in the upcoming 2017 Summer Split. 

​​With the decision to franchise comes the abolition of relegation and promotion. Teams currently in the LPL will remain there, making an LPL spot a secured investment. 

Seen as one of the most lucrative League of Legends regions, it comes as no surprise that the LPL would be the first domino to fall to franchising. A region known for it's large salaries and investments, LPL could experience plenty of economic growth because of this move.

While franchising is not expected to take effect in other leagues, the LPL's progressive decision may influence the LCS and other regions to change in the near future.

Suspending the progression of Challenger teams with franchising is a consequence of the LPL's decision. However, promoted teams usually axe their challenger roster and recruit optimal players once they've secured a spot in the next split. 

Franchising will turn the Challenger Series into a free agent player showcase instead of the win-to-climb style that it once was.

Other regions will likely wait to see LPL's results before seriously considering franchising in their own league. 

The LPL's decision may make or break franchising in competitive gaming, as the coming Summer Split of the region will likely serve as an investment pioneer for League of Legends.

Cover courtesy of ​@GAMURScom